123MoviesHub is one of the best places on the internet where you can watch all your favorite movies and series online for free in HD quality. This website may look very familiar to you because we are using one of the most popular design themes for this kind of sites, more exactly the PSY theme which is also used by the original 123Movies which inspired us to create this new streaming brand called 123MoviesHub. The ''Hub'' from our name comes from the fact that we want to offer even more than 123Movies used to do and our target is to extend this website by creating specific pages for all the streaming brands, this way becoming the best online hub for watching movies and tv shows.

Probably you are asking why we took this decision to not only focus on 123Movies but also create personalized pages which look like other websites like PutLocker, SolarMovie or ProjectFreeTV. Well, that's because these days there are less people who are searching for those brands on Google and because we want our free movies and shows to spread around the world as popular as possible, we also targeted other search results for people who love to watch their favorite productions on other streaming sites.

Coming back to 123MoviesHub, it can really become your number one choice when it comes to online streaming. Our database contains more than 10.000 movies and 60.000 tv series and even if it was created like three years ago, we've recently updated it with a few thousands new productions straight from Hollywood and also we've added English subtitles for all the movies and series where it was necessary. Shows like La Casa de Papel, Dark, Elite, The Rain explain the decision why we've worked hard to add subtitles everywhere because there are many good shows in foreign languages like German or Spanish and people who only speak English deserve to have this option to watch and understand in their native language.

Watching movies and series is more easier on 123MoviesHub than on other similar streaming sites. We are using a clean, modern and still minimalist design which is very eye-catching but in the same time it lets you easily access all the website's functions and features. You can search in just a few seconds for your favorite movies and series, press the big play button from the middle of each page and enjoy the content in high quality without interruptions. Also, it's important to mention the fact that 123MoviesHub it's a free website and everything is available without registration.